Installing LiveReplayer

  1. Go to the LiveReplayer installer download page and click on the download button.
  2. Open up the installer. Usually it's located in the Download folder and has a name containing LiveReplayer.pkg.
  3. Follow the installation wizard until completed.
  4. LiveReplayer will automatically opens, but you can find it in your Applications folder.


I can't follow through the installation wizard

Maybe your macOS version is too old? LiveReplayer requires at least version 10.12. Please upgrade to start using LiveReplayer.

"Installation failed, contact the software manufacturer for assistance"

This message usually means one of these things:

  • You already have LiveReplayer installed, and you are trying to install an older version of LiveReplayer. Delete in your Applications folder and run the installation again. Though, we recommend to use the latest version of LiveReplayer.
  • You are running an old version of macOS. Please notice that LiveReplayer requires version 10.12 or later.
  • The installation failed for unknown reason, just try to run the installation again.