Resetting your password

Have you forgotten the password to your LiveReplayer account? That's unlucky, but it happens to everyone!

  1. Go to the reset password page.
  2. Fill in your email and click the Reset my password button.
  3. Open up your inbox and open the email with the subject Reset password for your LiveReplayer account.
  4. Click the Reset password button in the mail.
  5. Enter a new password. Please note that the password needs to be at least 8 characters long.
  6. Submit the form and login to LiveReplayer with your new password.


I didn't receive any email

If you followed the steps above and you still haven't received any email, please start by checking your spam folder. If you can't find the email anywere please contact our support and we help you right away!

"The given email isn't registered"

The message usually means that there is a misstake in your email address. It could be a typo or the wrong email adress. If you have any other emails, maybe you should try them out.