Playlists in LiveReplayer is a way to play multiple clips in a queue. LiveReplayer currently have support for 3 playlists.

Adding and removing clips in playlist

Just drag and drop the clips you want to add from the clip list to the empty field to the left. The number below the playlist shows how long time the playlist is. Preview the clip by clicking the arrow. Remove a clip by right click and Remove or dragging it out of the playlist.

Playing out

Before playing out the playlist you can preview it by clicking Preview. If it all looks good just play it out by clicking Play. The video length counter is counting down as you play the playlist. If you need to stop it before it finish, just click Cancel.

Original audio vs live audio

The original audio is the audio for the clips in the playlist. If you like to use the live audio, click the switch to change.

Slow motion

To use slow motion in the playlist you have to choose to playout with live audio. When you have selected Live audio the playing rate switch above gets enabled.

To change the slow motion preset, choose LiveReplayer → Preferences in the menu. Under the General tab you can change the Slow speed preset to anything you like. Please note that Slow speed preset controls the slowmotion rate for both playlists and replays.

Adding external video files

You can drag and drop files from Finder to the playlist field. All video files that can be played with Apple Quicktime is possible to add to the playlist.

These file types normally works:

  • MOV
  • MP4
  • M4V

Repeat playlist

It is possible to repeat the playlist as long as you like. This is mostly used to play out highlights between periods. Just tick Repeat playlist and click Play. When you like to stop it, just click Cancel.

Exporting to file

This is possible using our highlights export.