Blackmagic settings

Open up the Blackmagic settings by opening Preferences in the menu and selecting the Inputs tab.

Video mode

You can choose between Auto and Manual mode.


LiveReplayer will guess the connection settings for your Blacmagic device.


  • Connection: Choose between the connections that your Blackmagic device supports.
  • Mode: Set resolution and frame rate.

Archive recording bitrate

Set the bitrate for the output video file when using archive recording.

Internal processing

Define the resolution that LiveReplayer will use when creating clips. Best practice is to set this to your output video mode resolution. If you have frame drops on output video, consider lowering this setting.


Choose between Normal and Reduced CPU load. This is only applicable if you have an interlaced signal as input.

  • Normal: Very high quality bob deinterlacer
  • Reduced CPU load: High quality bob deinterlacer


Choose between Normal and Reduced CPU load. This affects the internal recording size, about 30% more disk space is allocated when using Reduced CPU load.