Video input and output

Managing inputs

Right after you have logged in and chosen a LiveReplayer package you can manage your inputs.

Adding camera/input

Click the + button to add an input, a menu will open which list the available inputs. These are:

  1. Any connected Blackmagic devices, which can be used with HDMI and SDI input ports.
  2. Network input ("IP stream")
  3. Local file (mainly for testing purposes)
  4. Webcam devices supported natively by macOS, such as the FaceTime camera or a USB device (no other inputs can be used at the same time)

Adding a network camera input

Choose the Network input and enter location. If you have a protected stream, provide username and password, note https is not supported by LiveReplayer.

Protocol Location format
RTMP rtmp://ipaddress:port
RTSP rtsp://ipaddress:port
RTP rtp://ipaddress:port
HTTP http://ipaddress:port

Removing an input

Right click on an input and choose Remove.

Configure an input

Right click on an input and choose Settings.

Managing output

In the menu Output you can configure outputs for both audio and video. All the external displays and audio devices supported by macOS should be listed in the menus.


No video signal detected

LiveReplayer often has problems with UltraStudio Media Express and SDI.

Audio and video is out of sync

Identifing the problem

  1. Is the input signal synced? Verify input signal sync by recording the input signal. You can either use LiveReplayer's archive recording or other capture applications for testing this out.
  2. Audio sync is not guaranteed if audio output is not HDMI. Do not use e.g. internal computer speakers or similar for checking audio sync, but instead check the sync via the unit receiving the HDMI output signal.

Possible solutions

Disconnect and reconnect the video input signal to the Blackmagic capture device. If this doesn’t solve the problem, continue with the following steps.

  1. Quit LiveReplayer. Save the session state if there are clips that you want to retain.
  2. Disconnect Thunderbolt cable between Blackmagic capture device and the LiveReplayer computer.
  3. Wait a second, then reconnect the Thunderbolt cable.
  4. Restart LiveReplayer.

Video out has frame drops or frame skips

This could depend some any of the following problems:

  • Your computer might not have enought CPU performance to process the video.
  • Computer is too slow to handle input or output format. You can try to set a lower output signal format or change the internal processing format
  • Battery is charged below 5%. CPU performance is automatically reduced by the operating system when the battery is near empty.
  • You are using interlaced inputs which requires more processing power than progressive.

Video output is not as smooth as expected

First off, the preview window in LiveReplayer has a limited FPS and should only be used for preview. LiveReplayer may have erroneously locked on to the wrong input signal mode, e.g. 1080p25 instead of 1080i50. Open LiveReplayer → Preferences and select the Inputs tab. There you can see the automatically selected mode. If an invalid mode is selected, just click Manual and specify the modes yourself.

Video output freezed, several newly created clips catch the same sequence video sequence

Check the Thunderbolt connection to the capture device. Reconnect it if necessary, and then restart LiveReplayer.

The output signal from LiveReplayer shows a copy of my entire computer screen and not just the desired live video feed

Ensure that you your computer's operating system is not set up for screen mirroring:

  1. From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences.
  2. Choose Displays.
  3. Click the Arrangement tab.
  4. In the lower-left corner of the Arrangement pane, UNSELECT "Mirror Displays."

Alternatively, you can type Command ⌘ + F1 to toggle mirroring on or off.

"Missing protocol"/"Missing path".

You need to specify the whole stream URL including the prefix. A valid stream URL could for example be or rtmp://

"You need to enter an address to a video stream or file"

The URL you typed in seems not to be a valid stream URL. It does not work to add a web URL where the stream can be viewed.

Don't know the IP address to your camera?

The information about how to get the correct adress can often be found in the manual of the specific camera.